Botulinum Toxin Type A Therapy Toronto


One of the most popular forms of cosmetic enhancement uses Botulinum Toxin Type A. It is the leading cosmetic procedure performed today. When used properly, Botulinum Toxin Type A Therapy Toronto can provide a subtle or noticeable change to a person’s features.

Most often, people try Botulinum Toxin Type A Therapy as a first line defense against wrinkles. Botulinum Toxin Type A Therapy can stop future wrinkles from forming by stopping the repeated muscle contractions that cause wrinkles to become etched in the skin. Botulinum Toxin Type A Therapy is often used in combination with other cosmetic procedures such as photo skin rejuvenation or laser skin resurfacing. Very often this eliminates the need for invasive cosmetic surgery. Botulinum Toxin Type A Therapy is most commonly used to treat crow’s feet and fine lines around the eye, forehead wrinkles, and furrowing between the eyebrows.

Botulinum Toxin Type A Therapy Toronto Treatment Sessions: A proper medical consultation is first performed by our doctors to determine both the patient’s needs and expectations as well as the “needs“ of the skin. The appropriate skin treatment is then recommended. A Botulinum Toxin Type A Therapy treatment session will take about 15-30 minutes. A series of injections will be strategically administered. Once you have received your injections it will take about 7-10 days for the full effects of Dysport to appear.

Key points on the Body Sculpt Clinic process

  • No Surgery
  • No Needles
  • No Downtime

  • Non Invasive
  • FDA Approved
  • Fast

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What is Botulinum Toxin Type A?

Simply put, Botulinum Toxin Type A Cosmetic is a prescription medicine that is designed for injection into specific muscles to temporarily reduce wrinkles. The effect is often dramatic, taking years off the face and restoring a more rested appearance. Botulinum Toxin Type A relaxes the muscles that create unattractive wrinkles by blocking motor/neuron impulses, while leaving natural and attractive facial expression intact. It has been used by millions of women around the globe, and has a thirty-year history of medical use. The medical grade version of Botulinum Toxin Type A is a modern miracle for many disease processes that create involuntary spasticity such as muscular dystrophy (including in children), crossed eyes, neck spasms, migraine headaches and more.

What are Dermal Fillers?

As we age, we lose collagen and elasticity in the skin, which causes deep folds and sagging.  Dermal Fillers are biocompatible, injectable gels that create lift and add volume to key areas of the face that show signs of aging. They are selectively injected into the dermis with a fine needle; the results are instant, take 30 minutes are less, and the procedure is made comfortable with the use of lidocaine. Many clients enjoy a youthful look by filling in the folds around the mouth, restoring cheek height, refreshing lips and other areas.

Can I work out or continue my normal routine after treatment?

You will be able to continue your normal routine; there is no “down time” for injectable treatments. Natural Results recommends, however, not to do highly vigorous exercise for 6 hours after treatment, as well as to avoid direct sun exposure. It is best to keep the head upright for 4 hours to allow the product to settle into the designated areas. It is best to discontinue the use of Retin A for three days before and after treatment, as well as to avoid deep exfoliation treatments for three days before or after treatments. A soothing facial is fine. You can apply makeup after treatment as you normally would.

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